Pure Dental Logic’s Abutment Transfer Clips (ATCs) and Healing Screw Transfer Clips (HSTCs) have helped to revolutionize the field of implant dentistry. Dentists have always had to continually worry about the very real, very serious implications involved whenever implant parts are dropped, aspirated, or ingested. Any of those potential outcomes could result in the patient being forced to undergo surgical removal, while dentists could be held liable.
Revolutionary change in implant procedures
With the emergence of Pure Dental Logic’s ATCs and HSTCs, those risk factors are virtually eliminated. Replacing those factors, the ATCs and HSTCs give dentists the comfort in knowing that not even the moist oral cavity nor moving tongue can easily dislodge implant parts. Instead, the clips hold the abutment screw and the abutment itself in one stable position creating a sense of safety that previously didn’t exist. As a result, the fear factor for patients and dentists is greatly reduced and replacing it is an elevated procedural confidence.
Appeals to experienced and novice dentists
Universal in its appeal to both novice and experienced dentists these devices provide many advantages. Not only are risk factors nearly eliminated, but the time it takes to perform procedures is also reduced. In the end, the reduction in the amount of time spent on implant procedures, coupled with the added safety should allow dentists to be clinically more proficient.